Rooms 1, 2 & 3

  • Double room
  • Flat-panel smart TV
  • Full en-suite
  • Built-in charging facilities
  • HDMI (link your tablet/laptop) to the room TV
  • Wi-fi 

These newly-refurbished rooms come with shower/basin and WC "wetroom" and flat-panel SMART TV. 

These rooms offer all you need in a hotel room - and Notting Hill as a bonus; but you won't be able to entertain on a massive scale!

The beds are the standard 4'6" (1.375m) - positively luxurious for one and very "cosy" for two -  and the room is small at 4m x 2m, so don't expect a lot of space to "spread out" during the day. There is storage under the bed,  a fold-out table, one chair and a small wardrobe.

So, please do not bring your cat, because there is no room to swing it!

These rooms are all at the back of the house and are nice and quiet.  Just bring a tablet or laptop and an HDMI lead and, with your Netflix account and our free wi-fi, you can view the latest House of Cards or Better Call Saul on the room TV!

When booking, be sure to chose whether you want a feather or foam pillow.

Continental breakfast  - including our full range of coffees -  is included in the price, but if you want a 'full English" cooked breakfast that will be £9 extra.