Ground floor conservatory

Holds up to 60 dining - up to 90+standing

Private Parties / Dinner Parties

 Night 6pm - 1am (latest) - daytime parties (weddings, wakes) can also be aranged 

Minimum spend from £500 Sun nights to £2000 on Sat nights

As this room is a restaurant at night, we look for a guaranteed spend towards lost restaurant revenue, with the cost depending on the night of the week. We do not encourage "drinks only" events or live DJs.

The options include:

  • Standup or sit-down buffet plus drinks 1) on arrival [at "pub" prices] and then 2) at say, cutting of cake time, with guests paying at the end of the meal and when ordering drinks.
  • Supply a pre-arranged amount of house wine and bottled beers plus buffet. Guests begin to pay when value is expended.
  • Enjoy a pre-arranged buffet and run a drink tab throughout the evening.
  • Sit-down pre-planned meal with fixed menu plus drinks paid on completion of the evening.
  • Day parties are less expensive; contact Michael Bell for futher information.

Points to consider when organising your party

  • The minimum spend can include your guests' portion of the spend where you are on a budget and your guests are buying (some of) their own drinks, but you will be asked to make up the shortfall if under the minimum spend.
  • Allow a minimum £17.00 per head (cheapest buffet + 4 drinks @ £2.50) + 10% service. This equates to 88 people on Saturday night or 30 on a Sunday night. Obviously champagne and the £17.50 buffet brings the viable numbers down considerably.
  • From a point of view of atmosphere, we do not recommend standing parties of less than 40 at any one time in this room and to achieve this means inviting between 60 - 100, depending on the night, the weather and the event.
  • Only dinner parties of over 40 can secure the whole room.
  • 10% service is added to all tabbed bills; i.e. there is no service charge on your guests' portion of the s

Please contact us for details on 0207 460 4910 or by email: