Exhibit in our Gallery

The point as far as the Gold is concerned, is not to be a profit centre, but to give exposure to up and coming artists and photgraphers and to vary the feel of the place and to introduce new customers to the restaurant and bar in the process. We suggest a 10% commission be offered DIRECTLY to the staff by way of incentive and so it is important that they are au fait with your work.
To maximise exposure of your work it is essential to make the most of the preview. We have in the past left publicity to the artist and it hasn't always prompted the interest deserved.

Why Portobello Gold?

Portobello Gold has been a popular place to eat and drink since 1985 and, to many people, needs no introduction. Bearing in mind that 700-1000 a week pass through the Gold, what small gallery can offer that sort of attendance? Your show will run for one month and it is a good idea to be around at crucial times. It is up to you to replenish brochures. Don't assume, however, that we will have the time to spend with your customers - but our staff are trained to give as much help as possible.

The Cost

To stage a preview we charge 300.00 to include the following: