One Room
One room...
to party party..
to stay stay..
to work work.

The first floor lounge

The most flexible space on the planet

This room is ideal for small casual dinner parties of around 8-10 people or stand-up parties for up to 30 people. The sort of party where your dining table isn't big enough to sit at and where you are served from a buffet and sit wherever you can, on cushions, settees, comfy chairs or we can raise the height of the table to allow more formal dining. There is a sound system and TV (a football match perhaps?) There is a cover charge of 5 per person to cover set up and dedicated waiter service. The waiter will be there to get you started and will pop in from time to time (if required) and/or to dish up or can be summoned using our internal telephone, if you need anything after that. All guests must vacate the premises by 1am. Buffets start from a finger food buffet at 5.00 per head to a table buffet at 15 per head. We have an excellent range of wines and beers and can arrange special dishes on request for a small surcharge. This exclusive room now boasts its own bath room and a world's first - a fold-away four poster bed! So when the party is over, you (or two of your guests) can stay the night at 100 extra (as opposed to 140 as a hotel room). Clients include: Channel 4, BBC, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Freud Communications and Sky TV.