Shell Events

We have three different event venues which will cater for a small meeting up to a party of 200 people (whole ground floor). We have identified three different styles of function as follows. Click on your best fit:


Conferences/Corporate Events

Gallery/Launch Parties

Private/Dinner Parties

Our clients have included Sky, Ch4, BBC, ITV, Freud Comms and Saatchi.

Telephone us on +44(0)207 460 4910 with any queries, or contact us in another way.




Hannah                          The Carnival bar is 12 years old            Pedro and Lil                  Jon

Simon grooving                     View from the roof             Tom, Mel, Wally and Mike           Pedro

Red Stripe promo            Arek dishing out the "tasties"          Aiste and Wally             Portobello Road

Wally does the business  The Norwegians are back!     Colin,  Malcolm Locks and Mike         Hard at it


Still at it 8 hours later         Lyn and Debbie + 'Friend'        Rural view of the Gold              Paul and Lil

Aiste                                        Jon and Hannah             Mr Pannier & Dominique          Go lil, go!



              Jon, Pedro, Doug & Wally                 Emma packs a punch                     Daniel