Portobello Gold wine list



White wines



Crisp, fresh and mineral dry whites 


Bouche de Rhone blanc. Domaine Marquis de Saporta. Vin de Pays 2005           £2.90/£4.20/£9.95

(France, Provence) The vineyard is located in the hills above Aix. Dry, aromatic with a clean finish.



Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Rizzardi Estate 2005                                                       £3.60 / £4.80 / £16.00

(Italy, Veneto) Dry, light and tasty, this descendant of France’s Pinot Gris is much more at home in Italy. Very versatile, it will accompany most any choice from our scrumptious menu.



Riesling, traditionale. Dopff "au Moulin" 2004                                                                            £18.00

(France, Alsace)  A classic well-built Riesling from the Dopff vineyards. The Riesling grape can take a meal from start to finish and is a perfect summer wine.  Don't underestimate it - drink it!





Smooth, medium-bodied dry whites…






Chardonnay Concha y Toro 2005                                                                          £3.00/£4.50/£10.75

(Chile, Maipo Valley) Chile’s largest producer, founded in 1883, produces this easy drinking, not too oaky blend of two of our favourite white grape varieties.



Chenin Blanc, Van Zylshof Estate 2005                                                                £3.00/£4.50/£10.75 

(South Africa)  New World Chenin Blancs have come a long way since the 1980s and now rival their siblings from the Loire valley. This is a versatile grape and will handle most dishes. 



Rioja blanco Bodegas Montecillo 2004                                                               £3.85/£5.00/ £13.50

(Spain, Rioja) A fresh, solid and substantial white issued from the Viura grape.




HOUSE  WHITE (We have re-introduced the old French thing of “House” wines being what the landlord drinks, not necessarily the cheapest wine on the list)


Sauvignon blanc, Chateau De Roques 2004                                                           £3.60/4.80/14.50 

(France, Bordeaux) Crystal clear sauvignon with a clean tropical fruit on the palate. A rival for any New Zealander.



Bourgogne Chardonnay. Domaine, Roger Luquet  2004                                      £4.00/£5.25/£18.00

(France, Fuisse) This is from a family Domaine based at Fuisse. A classic Burgundy, with a hint of green apples and light honey.



Chardonnay, McWilliams, Hanwood Estate, 2003                                            £3.75 / £5.00 / £17.00

(Australia New South Wales)

A classic Chardonnay with melon and peach flavours and subtle overtones of oak and vanilla, perfect with seafood



Sauvignon  blanc, The Crossings Estate, 2004                                                                          £18.50  

(New Zealand, Marlborough)  Fresh Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon, fruity and easy to drink.



Sancerre, “La Reine Blanche”, Jean Reverdy et Fils, 2004                                                     £22.00

(France, Loire/Centre) A Sauvignon Blanc of unbeatable value. Fruity, dry, complex and sophisticated.



Chablis Premier Cru, Vaillons, William Fevre, 2003                                                                    £35.00

(France, Burgundy) For the more serious Chardonnay amateur, we have the “Vaillons” for your enjoyment. Despite 2003 being a light year, there are sufficient acids in this parcel to carry it through and when last tasted it was perfumed and lively. We shall be increasing the white Burgundy selection, however, so watch this page.




Red wines




Light, medium-bodied, fruity reds...



Bouche de Rhone rouge. Domaine Marquis de Saporta. Vin de Pays 2005         £2.90/£4.20/£9.95

(France, Provence)  Rich and ripe redcurrant fruit– smooth and juicy. A spicy blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes.


Merlot/Syrah, Domaine Mondie. Argeliers 2004                                               £3.10/£4.60/ £10.50

(France) Smooth and plummy with plenty of spice and a "bright fruit centre"



Merlot, Crianza Nekeas 2001                                                                                                      £15.90

(Spain, Navarra) Aged in French oak barrels for 12 months, this wine has an exciting  bouquet of ripe plums.



Smooth, medium-bodied dry reds



HOUSE  RED (We have re-introduced the old French thing of “House” wines being what the landlord drinks, not necessarily the cheapest wine on the list)


Château de Roques, Bordeaux Supérieur 2003                                                £3.80 / £5.10 / £14.50

(France, Bordeaux) A very well-made and delightful Bordeaux without all of the usual pomp and circumstance. A real star of its vintage and appellation.






Pinot Noir "Oak cask".  Bodegas Trapiche 2004                                             £4.00/ £5.25 / £14.90

(Argentina)   Fine aromas of strawberries and damsons from the Mendoza hills. A very elegant wine

Bodegas Trapiche was voted the best international winery at Vinitaly.


Grenache, Moulin de Gassac Estate 2004                                                           £3.70/£4.75/£13.00

(France, Languedoc) Ripe, soft and fruity. Southern French red with hints of spice and coffee and ripe tannins.


Chianti Classico, Poggio Al Sole 2002                                                                                        £27.00

(Italy) An authentic and classic wine of Tuscany. An intense flowery and herbal bouquet, and a dry slightly bitter palate giving a savoury flavour, at it’s best with food. Traditional long aging lends finesse and elegance to this Italian charmer.



Malbec, Bodegas Trapiche  2005                                                                                               £12.50

(Argentina, Mendoza) This is one of my favourite grapes of the traditional Bordeaux blend. It is a bit like the spice in the recipe. And although usually not in favour of New World mono-cépages, Argentina issues a delightfully feminine, sophisticated version -lavender bouquet, round, ample mouth and a very decent finish.




Full-bodied reds, Old World…




Rioja Crianza tinto, Bodegas Montecillo 2001                                                     £4.00/£5.20/£14.95

(Spain)  Plum and blackberry fruits with a hint of liquorice make this easy to drink Spanish red the ideal perfect accompaniment to white or red meat as well as creamy or medium-sharp cheeses.



Periquita, J.M. Fronseca 2001                                                                                                  £18.00

(Portugal) Only one of the many exciting, indigenous grape varieties in Portugal, Periquita means « little Parakeet ». The wine is robust, rustic and full of southern charm.



Rioja Montecillo Gran Reserva 1998                                                                                         £32.00

(Spain) This is one of our favourites. It somehow manages to be masterful yet flexible, personable yet distinguished, discreet yet colourful. It has rarely let us down and it is so happy to be with food!



Chateau Siran, Grand Cru Exceptionnel Margaux 1999                                                             £50.00

(France, Bordeaux)  Pure elegance.  The '97 vintage is a perfect "restaurant" vintage in that it is early maturing & already drinking well.  Perfumed and sophisticated, this chateau has always been great value - it deserves to be re-classified


Clos du Marquis, St-Julien 1995   Second Wine of Ch Leoville Las Cases, Grand Cru Classe                                                                                                                                                       £60.00  

(Bordeaux, France) A gorgeous, classy, sumptuous claret - & great value.  Don't forget that with a chateau's second wine you are getting a large proportion of it's first wine for less than half it's price - especially with this particular chateau and in this vintage.






Full-bodied reds, New World





Cabernet Sauvignon, Cousino Macul Antigas Reservas 2003                              £5.30/£6.90£19.50

(Chile) A Sunday lunch favourite, this award-winning Cabernet is top of their range.





Shiraz/Cabernet, Uitkyk Estate (South Africa)  2001                                                              £18.50

 Shiraz, the New World Syrah, a grape variety quite at home in the warm climate of South Africa. Rich and spicy.



Shiraz “Myall Road”, Bimbadgen Estate, 2003                                                                          £16.50

(Australia, NSW)   Vibrant, crimson in colour, oak matured and brimming with black fruit aromas. A well-respected estate based in the Hunter Valley.



Zinfandel, (Old vine), 2002                                                                                                        £21.00  

(California)  Plum and cherry character, with hints of cedar and sweet spices. The Zinfandel grape is about as indigenous as you can get in the USA. A gorgeous wine.












Guilhem, Moulin de Gassac Estate 2004                                                        £3.50 / £4.65 / £13.50

(France, Provence) A crisp, clean and floral rose, as they should be. Very refreshing and very flexible. A proper rose can take a summer meal from beginning to end. Don't underestimate it.



Chiaretto Bardolino Classico Rose, Guerrieri Rizzardi estate 2004/05          £4.00 / £5.50 / £15.25

(Bardolino, N Italy) Rizzardi is one of the oldest and most respected, pivate estates in Veneto. A blean of Rondinella, Sangiovese & Molinara grapes. A class act like the owner – Contessa Cristina Rizzardi


Sweet wines...



Monbazillac, Château Belingard 2003                                                                       £4.00 / half £9.50

(South-west France) A luscious blend of Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc and Muscadelle grapes. A sweet wine with a nice mineral backbone that keeps the wine fresh and crisp.


Tokaji 5 Puttonyos, Château Messzelato 1998                                                                           £22.00

(Hungary) Furmint and Harslevelu are the principal white grapes in this ancient nectar of nobility. 5 Puttonyos (The number of Puttonyos is the measure of dry base wine added to botrytised sweet grapes) is the highest level of sweetness before we arrive at Aszu Essencia. If it can breathe life back into a dying king, it can certainly get you back into your taxi.



Sparkling and champagne...



Cremant d'Alsace        NV                                                                                                £4.00/£17.50

A delightfully light, fruity sparkling wine.    It’s origins dating from the 17th Century.



Champagne Gruet Brut Selection NV                                                   £6.50 /  £16.00 (half) / £28.00

Elegant, crisp & dry.  A relative newcomer on the Champagne scene and doing very well indeed.                                                                                                   



Champagne Pannier Brut Royale 1999                                                                                        £37.50

A light and fruity champagne with hints of hazelnuts and chocolate. Comprised of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes.



Champagne Pannier Rosé NV                                                                            £18.50 (half) / £35.00

Superb bubbly - fruity, spicy, altogether surprising.                                                            



Champagne Bollinger NV                                                                                                             £55.00

The Old Faithful. As with all of Bollinger’s wines, the Pinot Noir reigns, giving us that crisp, spicy seductive taste.



Champagne Dom Perignon 1998                                                                                              £110.00

The very best Moët - the perfect balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Louis Roderer Cristal 1999  What need we say!                                                                      £160.00




Vintages may change without notice